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#1 Massage question is “How often should I get a massage?”

Since we are all different and have different muscle problems, stress levels and general health, the frequency of getting a massage should be determined by each client individually. A person that works at a computer all day and has no physical activity in their leisure time will need massage more often than a person that does yoga 3 times a week. A person that is regularly stretching their muscles will carry less tension in them. If you are new to massage or get massage infrequently, you may need a few more frequent massages initially to get your body to respond to massage. I recommend at least 3 in a row to begin with spaced a week apart. Then proceed to your maintenance program that you decide based on how you feel. Your time and money budget must agree on how often massage will fit into your routine. Some clients come in once a month and some every week or every other week. All are good choices. Pick the frequency based on how you feel when you get a massage and how you feel when you don’t! Check out our "What Clients Say" page where real clients share their comments about how often and why regular massage helps them!

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