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Our promise is to take the confusion out of choosing a massage in Overland Park, KS! Just choose the length of time for your massage and the goals for your session and we will design the massage that you want each and every time! At Take 5 we will deliver on our top 5 promises:

Individualized: Each client has different goals for their massage and your goals are our goals. You may need stress relief on one day and may need to improve range of motion on another. You may want to reduce pain or help your body function better in your job or sports activity. 

Affordable Massage is expensive and you want to get what you pay for! We don't offer a "cheap" massage to get you in the door, but we do offer a good value each and every time! Affordable means you always know how long and how much your massage will be with no "surprise" charges at the end. We never charge more for Deep Tissue, Pregnancy Massage or Aromatherapy but you may request any of those and more for the same price!   

Convenient: Clients love our easy to use online scheduling allowing them to schedule 24/7. You can schedule your massage quicker online than calling us, leaving a message and waiting for a call-back (which often leads to phone-tag)! But we are always happy to personally assist you if you are not an "online" person!

Quality:  It is important to us that all our clients receive a top quality massage and we work "with" you to make sure that happens! Don't take our word for it...please read the clients' testimonials page to hear what others say about our massages. 

Guaranteed: We want you to feel secure that you will receive a quality, professional massage so we offer a free consultation before you buy.  



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